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Professional in NDE, Energy Audit, RLA and R&M

1. How do I register as an interested exhibitor for BOILER INDIA 2022? 

You can send an email to ​[email protected]​/ ​[email protected]​ . Else fill the stand  booking form available on our website.​ ​​register exhibitor  Available spaces marked and indicated in the floor plan. Please give us at least 2-3 preferences.

2. Where can I access the detailed floor plan for the event? 

The floor plan is available on the website at- ​ ​​floorplan 

3. What are the different sizes and types of stalls? 

We offer both bare and constructed(shell space) .  Various available size options (9sqm to 225sqm) can be seen in the floor plan​ floorplan.  In Bare space we only mark the area. The constructed stalls will have octonorm walls, carpet,  name fascia, light and dustbin.   The amenities will be as follow- (give deliverables) 

4. Whom do I contact for stall charges and other commercial terms and conditions? 

Stall chargers are mentioned on the website-​ ​  You can also write a mail to ​[email protected]​/ ​[email protected]  

5. Will I be able to import goods for the exhibition? 

Yes, you can import necessary equipment/machinery for the exhibition under ATA Carnet. Kindly  contact our official clearing agent-  XYZ 000000

6. How do I get help in the clearance of goods from Customs? 

We can assist you in custom clearance, shipment of goods to and from the exhibition venue if  required. You are free to take assistance from any other logistics agency of your choice.  Kindly contact our   official clearing agent- XYZ 000000   Logistics team- 

7. Will I be able to bring goods for the exhibition from other parts of India?

Yes, after completion of necessary formalities and abiding by the interstate rules related to  movement of goods.

8. Do I have to complete any Octroi formalities at the venue? 

There is no Octroi for goods for entry/exit into & out of Mumbai. Exhibitors can go to the GST  portal and fill the form to generate e-transit for the transport of the goods to the venue. 

9. What are the safe storage facilities for goods reaching the venue a few days before the  exhibition? 

In the event of your goods reaching the venue prior to exhibition dates, storage and security of  the same will be your responsibility. These services will be provided to you on all 3 days of the  exhibition. 

10. Whom do I contact for Logistics support like equipment shipping to the venue, delivery  at our stall location and then removing and transporting back after the exhibition is  over?

Kindly contact our official logistics team- XYZ 000000   You are free to take service from any agency of your choice.

11. How do I get to the venue, by rail/road/air? 

Click the following link and refer to the transport access​/venue-direction 

12. How and when can I make a hotel reservation during the exhibition period? 

Hotel information is available on the website. Click the following link and choose from the  variety of options available.​/accommodation  You can connect with our hospitality team-  XYZ, 00000 

13. Whom do I get in touch with, for pickup & drop and requirement of taxis during the  exhibition period? 

For hospitality and travel related queries you can contact-  XYZ, 00000000 

14. Is the parking facility available at the venue and is it free

There is a free parking facility available at the venue for exhibitors and visitors. 

15. What facilities are available at the exhibition venue? 

There will be Cafeteria, Security, Business Centre, during the days of exhibition and all of the  organiser’s staff will be available on-site during the construction days and also on exhibition  days. 

16. Is outside food and water allowed?

As per rules of CIDCO, no outside food is allowed inside the exhibition halls. Food courts will be  set up. Water and food may be purchased from them. 

17. Whom do I get in touch with for the Exhibitor Manual? 

You can contact our official IT team for all OEM related queries  Contact- 000000   Or mail us at ​[email protected]​/ ​[email protected]  

18. How do I log on to the Exhibitor Manual?

OEM details will be provided after the stall is booked. The login id and password for the same  will be sent to the registered email id given by you, by our official IT team.  In case you are not able to locate the password sent, kindly email from the registered  email id to ​[email protected]​/ ​[email protected]  

19. How and when do I get Exhibitor Badges, lunch coupons etc? 

You can collect your badges along with lunch coupons from the registration counter at the  venue from the 28th Feb 2022 11.00 am onwards. 

20. When will the exhibitors get the exhibitor guide? 

BOILER INDIA 2022 will have the exhibitor guide/directory uploaded on the website.   Once uploaded, you will be notified on your registered email address.    You can download your copy from ​​exhibiterdirectory

21. How do I get a participation letter? 

You have to login into the exhibitor manual and download the participation letter.  In case of difficulty, mail us at ​[email protected]​/ ​[email protected]  

22. How do I get a no-dues certificate? 

We will email the no-dues certificate after the receipt of full payment towards the stall.   

23. Do I need to submit my stall design? 

Companies who have taken bare space need to submit the stall design. You must upload the  design in the exhibitor manual for approval. Stall fabrication should not be undertaken unless  the stall design is approved.  

24. What are the recommended sizes of the panel, name fascia and desk/table? 

Each Panel Size – Fascia size – Desk Table – 

25. What is the height of the stall including the name fascia for Bare Space? 

Exhibitors can increase stall height up to 15feet. The final design must be approved by the  organisers through the OEM. 

26. What is the height of the stall including the name fascia for the Shell Scheme?


27. Can I use my own fascia?

 You can put on your own fascia only if you have booked bare space. For shell schemes, the  standard fascia will be provided.  

28. When do I get possession of the stall for Bare Space and shell space?

Exhibitors who have taken bare space will get stall possession on 25th Feb at 12.00 noon  Exhibitors who have taken shell space will get stall possession 28th Feb at 12.00 noon 

29. What documents are required at the time of taking possession of the stall?

 You are required to bring a participation letter along with a copy of no-due certificates for stall  possession. 

30. In case of a Bare Space type of stall, how do I register our authorized contractors to  enter the venue and carry out the stall erection?

  You need to submit in the exhibitor manual, the letter authorizing contractors to design your  bare space. A hard copy of this letter must also be carried by the contractor at the venue. 

31. What are the charges for electricity?

 There are no extra charges for electricity. 

32. What are the rules regarding stall dismantling and handing over after the exhibition?

On 3rd March 2022, the stall should be dismantled by 8 pm, and all scrap should be disposed of  by 2.00 am as the hall needs to be handed over for possession by other exhibition organizers.  No damage to the property of the venue, other exhibitor and/or organiser should be caused in  the process.

33. Can I get extra furniture, LED TVs etc at the venue? 

Exhibitors are requested to book these requirements earlier through the exhibitor’s manual. The  charges may be higher if booked at the venue and the request may take 5 hours or more to  process.  The order can be placed on-site with fabricator-  XYZ, 00000000 

34. Do you provide a business centre type of services like printing, xerox, stationery,  miscellaneous items etc at the venue?

Yes, the above will occupy a stall at the venue. 

35. Do I need to arrange insurance for our goods and products on display and other  properties, in the event of theft, fire etc?

Yes, it is mandatory. You should also insure for damage to personnel including your  representatives and the visitors. 

36. What are the timings for the exhibition?

The exhibition timing is from 10.30 am to 6 pm on 1st and 2nd March 2022 and 10.30 am to 5  pm on 3rd March 2022. 

37. Are there any entry fees for the exhibition?

No, the entry to the exhibition is free. 

38. As an exhibitor, can I attend the seminars?

You have to pre-register for the seminars by booking a slot and paying the necessary  registration fee. Seats are limited and booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Book slot-​ ​​ /registerseminar 

39. Do you have an Android/ios “App”, specific to BOILER INDIA 2022?

You will be notified soon. 

40. How can I get in touch with someone regarding a specific event during the exhibition?

Write to us at-​ [email protected]​/ ​[email protected]  

41. How do I get myself registered on the mailing list for future information?

You are by default included as per the details submitted in the OEM.

42. Where can I find information on your past exhibitions and events?

Visit ​ Download directory- ​​ directory2020

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast

Why Exhibit?

Exposure to the global boiler industry under one roof

Opportunity to interact with the regulatory authorities

Opportunity to find prospective alliances for profitable business collaborations

Opportunity of networking with large-scale prospective buyers from across the globe

Exposure to novel technologies and advancements in the industry

Opportunity to explore the global boiler market, strengthen export potential and consider geographical expansion

Who should Visit?

  • Engineer/Operator looking for new technology

  • Purchase personnel from boiler manufacturing company

  • Investor/banker/venture capitalist

  • Regulatory Authority/Policy Maker/Urban Planning Specialist/Utility & Energy Company

  • Design Engineer/Consultant

  • Renewable Energy Project Developer

  • Agency dealing in Instrumentation

  • R&D Institution

  • Academician/student

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