As a professional, I can understand the importance of including relevant and informative content in an article. In this article, we will be discussing the international agreement fees in the American School of Brasilia, which is a popular topic among parents and students looking to study in this prestigious international school.

The American School of Brasilia (EAB) is a well-established school located in Brasilia, Brazil. It is known for its high-quality education and diversity of students from various countries around the world. One of the most crucial aspects of studying at the EAB is the international agreement fees paid by the students and their parents.

International agreement fees are standard in international schools that offer an education programme in which students from different countries can study together. These fees help to cover the costs associated with providing an international education, including language support, cultural activities, and other related expenses.

The American School of Brasilia has a well-structured fee system that takes into account the different age groups and grades of the students. For example, students in Kindergarten and Elementary School pay a different fee than students in Middle and High School.

The international agreement fees at the EAB are also influenced by the student`s nationality. Students whose parents have Brazilian citizenship pay a different fee than those whose parents are foreign nationals. This is because the Brazilian government has specific regulations on the amount of money that can be charged to students with Brazilian citizenship.

Apart from the international agreement fees, the American School of Brasilia also charges other fees associated with the school`s maintenance, such as enrolment fees, tuition fees, and miscellaneous fees. These fees are applicable to all students, regardless of their nationality, and vary according to the grade level.

In conclusion, international agreement fees are an essential part of studying at the American School of Brasilia. They help to provide a high-quality international education that prepares students for a global future. The EAB ensures that these fees are well-structured and transparent, taking into account the student`s age, grade level and nationality. Parents and students considering studying at the EAB should do their research and consult with the school`s admissions team to learn more about the fee structure.